Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Full Scoop: Air For Free on r/place

Few days ago I'd been posting something Air For Free related on all the blog's social media that had something to do with r/place (for those that don't know, it's a subreddit where you can place one colored tile every five minutes to create art).

My friend Nathan (AKA u/relientkfan), proposed the idea that we try to place a 7 by 15 rectangle design featuring the AFF dots somewhere on the canvas. He made a post on the Relient K subreddit and some of our friends from the Discord chat (shout out to Chris, Joe, and Ben!!) agreed to help.

The design started in an area that was held by r/edBoxes. We ended up forming a treaty with them, so we abandoned that spot and headed about eight squares north. We were above most of the red boxes, but eventually had to leave because of a "HAN_SX" design that was moving our way.

After this, the design was moved to an area above the "HAN_SX" design. We built there for almost a day, completely untouched, but then Quebec arrived. Nathan asked if they could stop covering our design, but it seemed we had found ourselves in the middle of a political battle between Canada and Quebec.

SO, to avoid that whole situation we decided to hit the road and move down south, settling above a sign that said "r/HEYYEA". At this point, things were going well. We almost had our entire boarder complete, but then we started to lose control and suddenly we were battling "the brown splotch" and r/ainbowroad. Turns out, the brown splotch was actually a shoe. Of Mappy the mouse. After some peace talks with r/heyyea and r/ainbowroad, Mappy the mouse and Rainbow Road were no longer an issue.

At this point, it was almost 5:30 AM, Monday morning. There were some rogue bots attempting to cover our design, but Nathan had a connection through r/porterrobinson who taught him how to use a bot code. He made some modifications, then sent to code to Joe and myself so all three of us could run it at once.

The next day, I kept an eye on the design. and by that afternoon r/place had ended! Thankfully the design was intact and recognizable. If Reddit ever does this again in the future, I'd love to work on a bigger design. Needless to say, it was a lot of fun and it's cool to think a part of Relient K is immortalized in this piece of internet history.

See if you can find the design below in the final canvas, or keep scrolling to see it up close!

The final canvas from r/place

Air For Free design on r/place

Lots of thanks to Joe and Nathan for helping with the bot install, and to Nathan for sending me all the screenshots and a play by play of what happened when I wasn't there! 

So, until next time (hopefully I'll have some nice new Relient K news).

Don't blink,

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