Saturday, August 26, 2017


Here at The Freshest Blog, we like our memes. Especially ones related to Relient K, and that's kind of how this idea was born. (Thanks to Creesbee from the Relient K Discord!)

I've also been wanting to hold another contest/giveaway for a while now, and when this meme idea was proposed, I knew it was a good opportunity to combine the two!

All you have to do is create your own original Relient K meme! Below are some pictures of Matt and Matt to get you started, or if you want, you can create something all your own! When you're done, Tweet it, post it on Instagram, or email it to the! Be sure to tag TFB in your Tweets and Instagram posts!

First place winner gets one of the handmade •|•|• bracelets in their color choice (red, blue, or yellow)

Second place: 50% off the •|•|• bracelet in their color choice

Third place: 25% off the •|•|• bracelet in their color choice

For second and third place winners: the money earned from ALL bracelet sales go back to the blog! I'm hoping to purchase a domain and have some cute TFB pins made to give out!

And so, LET THE MEMES BEGIN! Contest ends September 9th, and as of right now, is only open to US residents

PS: I'd also like to mention that I've started a new blog! It's kind of the sister to this one, and it's all about Switchfoot. So if you like the SF guys, check it out!

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