Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Local Wave + Earth Day Updates

Hello friends, welcome back to the blog! I've been a little inactive recently due massive cold, but I'm on the up and up. Hehehe.
ANYWAY, today I want to talk about two things! First up is the podcast Matt Hoopes did with The Local Wave last week, and second is the Earth Day stream the guys did a couple of days ago.

However, I do recommend you check out The Local Wave's podcast (click HERE to listen online and download). It's a little over an hour but it's really a great listen.

The thing I really loved about it is hearing some of the stories around certain events and albums (like how they were first discovered and how the AFF primary color theme was an accident).

The bit about Empty House was another great moment. It's by far one of my favorite songs from the record for the reason of perfection in the midst of imperfection, and listening to Hoopes' opinion and thoughts about the song was really great!

Now as far as Earth Day, the guys released a surprise song (you can download it for free at and did a livestream straight from Thiessen's porch. They played Mountaintop and Air For Free as well as the new song, then did a mini Q&A!

Some highlights from the stream (in no particular order):

• The actual vase that inspired Mountaintop (there's an actual bluebird on the vase and that missing piece)

• Matt T mentioned a solo project and Goodbye Dubai (confirming the project with Owl City's Adam Young for a second time)

• Jake Germany's rice cake shoes

• M@ ate dirt and threw some at Hoopes

• M@'s improvised lyrics to Awakening by Switchfoot: "Here we are now with a piece of toast and jam"

If you missed the stream, you might be able to find it on YouTube. I know for a fact the Instagram stream is on there somewhere.

So until next time, I'm signing off!
- Sarah

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