Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ready To Run?

Hello friends, welcome back to the blog!

To start, I want to say this will be a fairly short post. However what it lacks in words, it makes up for in excitement and mystery.

A few days ago now, I was watching through Instagram stories and came across this one, posted on the Relient K band account (and on the Phangs Insta story).

It SEEMS as if a cute little game is in the works! It reminds me a lot of an app called Disco Zoo, or perhaps the 2014 craze Flappy Bird. And while I know practically nothing about what this actually is, all I can say is that I hope the theme music is somehow related to Runnin'... It seems like it would be fitting. ;)

As far as blog news, the first episode of the podcast has been recorded and is currently in the editing stage!

If all goes according to plan it will be up and ready for your ears sometime in April!

Don't blink,

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