Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Collapsible Lung Unboxing (MSSS Series, Part 2)

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Hello my favorites!

Today we're looking at Collapsible Lung! One of my all time favorites, it's the first Relient K album I listened to. The vinyl itself is packaged in a cardboard jacket along with the easily recognisable lung artwork on the front.

Since before getting this record, I only had the album digitally, so I didn't know what the back looked like. It's very interesting and shows three brown dots with different pictures inside them. The one on the left shows an internal part of the lung, the center one shows a map, and the one on the right depicts a house. I don't know if these pictures have any meaning but they look pretty cool nonetheless! 

The vinyl itself is a cherry red, which I really love! It goes well with the beige and black artwork. The only thing that made me sad was the lack of an insert. Inserts are probably my second favorite part of records themselves, the first being the actual vinyl.

The track listing is the same as the CD, and is as follows:

Don't Blink
Lost Boy
If I Could Take You Home
Can't Complain

When You Were My Baby
Collapsible Lung 

I know this wasn't really a well received album, but it does have its gems (Don't Blink, Can't Complain, and Collapsible Lung specifically). In the end I just hope you enjoyed reading this little post! I wish you all the best.

Don't Blink, 

PS: Saw a sneaky tweet from SMLXL Vinyl saying the gold MMHMM vinyls are back in stock! Go grab one now if you don't have one @


  1. This is all very well and good, but Collapsible Lung is not Collapsible Lung without that iTunes added extra of a song. That's My Jam, is such a good ender to the album, and honestly I wish it was added to every single copy of CL.
    -Imojaun x

    1. Also I love the new font body. Really sexy.

    2. Haha, thanks! I do agree with wanting That's My Jam on the album, although I personally feel like it should be somewhere else.