Monday, January 16, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Phangs

Hey guys! Today I want to do something a little different than what I normally do. Today, I want to talk about one of my new musical faves, Phangs. 

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Phangs is a fresh and super dreamy pop project created by Jake Germany. As Phangs, he released his first song called Cul De Sac in August of 2016, and just last week he released two new tracks, originally supposed to be from his self-titled EP, PHANGS.

His website's about page describes Phangs as dream pop "blanketed in layers of synthesizers" and "steady pulsing percussion". The Phangs sound makes me want to put on a warm sweatshirt and go for a walk in a park; it has a homey feeling, which makes it even easier to connect to the music.

The stripped version of Cul De Sac took me by surprise. To be honest, I don't know what I was expecting, but this just blew me away. The stripped back instrumental allows the falsetto vocals to be the star, making the song sound even more light and cozy.

One & Lonely -- while being equally cozy -- makes me think of bubblegum and cotton candy, even if the song is about an unraveling relationship. My favorite part probably being the chorus when Germany sings "Don't go, don't leave me here."

In closing, I want to say how incredibly excited I am to hear more Phangs music, especially Always Been U (feat. R.LUM.R). Jake Germany is an extremely talented person and I'm so proud to support him and his music. I wish him all the best and I'll definitely be there to snag a copy of his first album, whenever it drops.

Don't blink,

Watch the music video for Cul De Sac (Stripped):

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