Monday, December 26, 2016

New Theme, New Tabs, New Twibbons

Hey guys! Not much is happening right now as far as RK news, but I've finally finished tweaking and updating the blog and it's just how I want it to look. Firstly, I'd like to bring attention to the "local construction". I've made a new theme, along with some snazzy pixel speech bubble page headers!

Now if you look up there below the header you'll see some new tabs. The 12 Days After Christmas tab, the Tour Photos tab, and the Twibbon tab. I got the idea for a Relient K themed 12 days of Christmas this past Wednesday morning, so (starting today) for the next 11 days there will be a new gift under the tab and also on Instagram!

The Tour Photos tab is where you'll see photos from both legs of the Looking For America tour.

If you want to submit a photo to be featured, email me ( or DM the photo(s) to me on Twitter along with your name, the city and state the show was in, and the date. It'll look a little like this when I post it in the gallery:

Finally, I want to talk about Twibbons. Not the Air For Free Twibbon, though. What I want to talk about is the "I Found America" Twibbon. 

The intro to the Switchfoot set inspired me to do this. I occasionally think about the phrase and, for some reason, it stuck with me. It has made an impact on me.

"Tonight we are looking for America, and here you are."

And thus, this Twibbon was born

It comes in two background colors: Black with the white Switchfoot logo and white with the black Switchfoot logo. They both feature the words "I found America" in the Air For Free primary colors. To add the black background one (the most popular) to your Twitter or Facebook icon, click the Twibbon tab. 

Until next time, I wish you the best.